College Trip #14: Success!

After my aforementioned failures in the realm of vegan eateries in Bar Harbor I have found two places that I will certainly return to! The first of these is Café Bluefin on Cottage Street. Though they only have one vegan dish, it is solid enough that I’d consider returning many times. The name of this elegant (in the mathematical sense of the word) dish is simply “Tempeh or Tofu”. It is one of the two mentioned soy products baked with herbs and served with a nice relish and gravy on a bed of brown rice. The dish is accompanied by two sides of the season; in my case a double portion of curried mashed sweet potatoes because the slaw was not vegan (fuax mayo ain’t that hard to find!). I had the tempeh and unlike many baked tempeh dishes it was not too dry but yet not wet or ‘marinated’ in appearance. I know it sounds boring but even boring can be great when it is done this well (and when the alternatives are far less appealing!).

The next find is This ice cream shop on Firefly Lane. They don’t have any sort of vegan ice cream but they do have sorbets. Sorbet connoisseurs have been long limited to flavors like lemon, lime, or some other summery fruit. Here there are these familiar flavors, lemon, nectarine (it’s pretty good), blueberry, but in addition there are more unusual ones like ‘Chili Papaya’, ‘cucumber lime’, and my favorite ‘banana curry’. This is a good place if you like to pair up flavors. The two I put together were ‘cucumber lime’ and ‘banana curry’; the effect was like eating an Indian curry dish. I particularly liked the ‘banana curry’ because it had an almost umami flavor to it along with the salt and sweet. Since they change their flavors every once and awhile, I will be returning. Perhaps they will have the blueberry and basil flavor.

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