Trip Post #11: Eye-yo-wah! ~UPDATE/Part 2~

Right now I’m in Fair Grounds Coffeehouse in Iowa City; I love this place!!! Since I’ll need biodiesel on the trip back I definitely stop here! I just had the vegan Monte Cristo and I was so good. I don’t know where to start when describing how amazing it is. My mother had the Arizona waffle which is a waffle (duh) with strawberries and corn inside it. I had a little bite; it was quite good. The coffeehouse also has good music and free wifi. If you are in Iowa City you MUST make your way to Fair Grounds Coffeehouse (especially if you are vegan or prefer to eat ethically).

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2 Responses to Trip Post #11: Eye-yo-wah! ~UPDATE/Part 2~

  1. artyflipy says:

    sounds like you had a good morning, and definitely a better time than you had in nebraska and denvuuuh. why do they all of a sudden have vegans in the middle of iowa? i mean i know gay marriage is legal there now but mmwhuht? i hope the rest of your trip goes just as well! you will be surely missed at my party today senor!

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