Trip Post #11: Eye-yo-wah!

Iowa City

So much better than ‘braska

Writing tires me

I’m not really in the mood for copious amounts of writing about the trip tonight, hence my poor man’s haiku (we had Japanese tonight). I’m really excited because Iowa City has a vegan bakery that serves breakfast and lunch. I’m really aiming for the breakfast because they have French toast and waffles (vegan of course) in exciting flavors like “dill potato”, “virgin bananas foster”, and my personal favorite “Monte Cristo”. The city is also home to its own brand of vegan cheese only sold at the local cooperative. Tomorrow will be a good day!

P.S. Nebraska isn’t too bad if you hang out in Lincoln; it is actually a cool town (and, unlike Denver, it has drugstores). I’d like to go back to peruse the record stores.

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