Trip Post #8: Ups and Downs (The 13th)

After fueling the car we continued down the road to Moab. Due to numerous long rest stops and our late departure from Las Vegas we didn’t get to Moab until 1 or 2 in the morning. To make matters worse our hotel gave away our room and almost every motel-lodging-hotel-campground was full. The lady at the hotel was nice enough to find us a room that turned out to be nicer than the room that was given away. The town was so booked that while she was finding us a new room about 10 people came into the lobby asking if there were any rooms available.

After five hours sleep and some photo uploading I was off again this time through and over the Rockies to Denver, my next destination (cue the theme from “The Magnificent Seven”). The trip was uneventful until we hit the mountains themselves. This section of I-70 is basically hairpin curves, tunnels, and 6% grades up and down. It is an amazing piece of engineering but at some points (Ooof, those grades…) the driving became very difficult. I think at one point I had to have the heater on full blast and drop the car into low gear (that means I was going at most 45 mph on an interstate). Finally we slid into our hotel in a cloud of hot biodiesel exhaust and the fumes of burnt brakes. I’m glad I have a nice soft bed tonight…

The calm before the storm.

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2 Responses to Trip Post #8: Ups and Downs (The 13th)

  1. artyflipy says:

    well at least you have a bed tonight. the whole moab escapade sounds horrible! why was it so booked? who in the world goes to moab utah right around now (besides you)? and for what?

    • capinetree says:

      Arches National Park is nearby (Yosemite of the 4 corners area). The lady said this level of people is normal. Lots of mountain-biker/kayaker/rafter types…

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