Trip Post #5: Stuck in Vegas…

Well, I knew something like this might happen. After the blissful experience of Ronald’s Doughnuts (I never knew that a simple glazed doughnut could be so amazing) we began to search for some ‘real food’. As we searched for the recommended restaurant the ‘battery charge’ dash light came on. My though was that the heat fried some internals in the alternator, causing the low voltage in the system. After a call to my regular mechanic in Los Angeles diagnosing a bad alternator, we looked for a mechanic who could service the car and get it out by tomorrow. At least this happened in a place where we could find a shop and where we had a few days to get things done. The shop we found seems honest and they use good parts. It’s interesting how my smoky old Mercedes Benz starts conversations. While my dad and I were waiting, other customers asked us about the trip, the car, and my college. Hopefully the car will be done by noon tomorrow and we can be off to Moab Utah!

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One Response to Trip Post #5: Stuck in Vegas…

  1. artyflipy says:

    aiya! i hope you can make it out of las vegas and through mormon country (eep).

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