Trip Post #4: And they’re off!

Today (August 10th) I left Los Angeles, the place of my birth and until recently the only place I have lived. Most of the morning was spent packing the car, which was considerably harder than I thought it would be. The first thing into the car the fuel and car supplies after that came the cargo box. After a few games of the “luggage puzzle” I finally fit all of the bags of my clothing as well as some bedding up there. Then I filled the rest of the available space in the car with my parents’ luggage, camera gear, duct tape, cookware, and more clothing and bedding. The last thing to go into the car was the food. It was at that moment that I realized that the car was way overloaded, volumetrically and weight-wise. So the new goal was to unload the car of anything that wasn’t essential or could be done without. Some easy candidates were the rice and rice cooker (Yes, it’s worth it!), the blender, a pillow, dress clothing, and cookbooks. Thank capitalism for the UPS store! All the removed items should, hopefully, arrive in Bar Harbor on the same day I do.

Finally my family and I set off on the road. For the most part the ride was uneventful and the car performed flawlessly/predictably. As we had left late in the day the sun set as we reached the halfway mark and we arrived in ‘Sin City’ around 10:45. We decided to stay at the Golden Nugget. It’s a nice hotel but woof, the smell of tobacco is EVERYWHERE! I guess I should try to be more tolerant of other folk’s carcinogenic habits because most places in the world won’t be like the smoke-free Peoples’ Republic of California. At least I’m in a smoke free room! I feel bad for my dad ‘cause he got stuck with a smoking room. Hopefully he won’t be too choked by the fumes… Anyhoo, time to go to bed! I got to be up early to get some normal* vegan donuts (Yes you vegans heard me right, donuts)!

*By normal I mean they are like a regular donut but sans animal products; no spelt, carob, baking, gluten-free strangeness.

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