Trip Post #7: Riding through the desert on a horse with…

… No name? Actually, unlike the band “America”, my ‘horse’ has a name (Puff the Magic Wagon for those who wonder) but I did travel through the desert! Boy was it HOT!!! I’m so glad the car didn’t overheat. After the desert, we drove through this super deep and narrow canyon. Some time after the canyon we saw this huge smoke plume on the horizon. We couldn’t figure out what it was from until we got within 100 feet of it. It turns out that it was a brush fire that had crossed the highway! We actually drove through a forest fire! I could feel a blast of heat through the door! Right now we are in Utah. I finally have some free Internet access! It’s funny how I could find it in a small Utah town and not in Las Vegas! Well, I need to go and fuel the car now… Until next time!

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