Trip Post #2: The End?

While I was in the kitchen cooking up something it occurred to me: after this trip starts my whole way of life will have changed. Yes, of course there have been changes in my life (High School, Voting, Driving, etc) but none have been this drastic. This change isn’t “I’m going to a new school” this is a whole new way of life. Unlike most of the changes in my past this one won’t be about making changes with myself but changes with the core structure of my external life; my family, my geography, my context.  All that will remain from that past life is whatever I can carry or is squirrel away for reminiscing later. I guess I will be getting the chance to ‘redefine’ myself or at least place my existing being into this new context however I please… Come this fall I will be a contextually disconnected being in a sea – well, maybe a small pond is more accurate – of fellow disconnected folk.

Another thing that I didn’t realize until a fellow only child and friend pointed out is that I’ll be living with two other people and there will be no ‘cave’ that I can fall back into when social friction rears its inconvenient and ugly head. I’m sure I will reach some sort of understanding with my roommates and myself about the physical arrangement. It’s a chance to expand my personal experience past the rock out into the greater reefs of the world. I must be in a nautical mood…

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