Trip Post #1: The Vehicle

For the trip we’ll be driving my two-tone silver-grey 1987 300TD Turbo wagon. Below is a really cheesy (and badly translated) promotional video from Mercedes Benz about the ‘new’ 124 series wagon.

Unlike the cars in the video, mine is nowhere near new. I jokingly call it ‘the yacht’ because it tends to be a money pit. For the trip we’ve been repairing some of the more vital and needed systems on the car like the air conditioning (Las Vegas and Utah here we come!) and brakes. Don’t get me wrong, the car is probably one of the safest cars we own (big, low, and heavy) and it has never stranded us anywhere; the thing is a tank! The original plan was to use my dad’s car, a Jeep, for the trip but it was put in the shop for a seemingly minor repair and has yet to come out fixed. The other car that we have is a VW New Beetle, hardly big enough to carry my family and the stuff for the trip and definitely not big enough to carry all the stuff that I need for my dorm room. So that left my poor old car and its laundry list of repairs. To prep for the trip we sent it into the shop and bought a rooftop cargo box and new tires. As of this post, it is getting the final touches and will be ready to go by the end of the week.

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