Trip Post #0: The Route

Here is the route that we will be taking. While making up the itinerary I had to consider a handful of factors to figure out the route. The most important of these factors was the availability of fuel because unlike most cross-country travelers I wanted to make this trip as petroleum free as possible. For my family’s normal driving we use B99.9 biodiesel or in other words a fuel that consists of 99.9% biodiesel and 0.1% petroleum diesel. That 0.1% of crappy petroleum is for tax purposes; biofuels get a tax break if they are adulterated with fossil fuel, go figure. For the trip I wanted to try to follow that precedent by using as close to 100% biodiesel as possible. Thus I had to plot a path that linked up sources of biodiesel. The next factor was that we didn’t want to be going through ‘the middle of nowhere’ for most of the trip so each stop had to be in a relatively civilized area. The route above is the product.

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2 Responses to Trip Post #0: The Route

  1. John Phillips says:

    Alex: Best wishes, great adventures, and a safe journey. I hope you find all of the biodiesel and more along the way.


  2. artyflipy says:

    nebraska aaaaand iowa! going to see some great fly-over states. i have always (secretly) wondered what nebraska is like.

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