Vegan Uncheese Parmesan Style

This is the best substitute I’ve come up with so far. Most of the ingredients can be organic as well (I’m not a fan of store bought ones that aren’t).


What’s needed:

Roasted almonds (unsalted)  about 1 1/2 cup

Bread crumbs 1/4 cup

Nutritional yeast  1/4 cup

Parsley  dried  1 heaping to 2 TBS

Salt 1 heaping TBS or to taste

1) Set blender to highest speed, add some almonds, pulse. Once they look mostly like corn meal, empty into a mesh sieve over a bowl. Sift out large pieces. Add back to blender with more whole ones, repeat until all of the almonds are finished. Be careful not to make almond butter!

2) Take about 2/3 cup sifted almond meal and mix in everything else. 

Note: these are just guesstimations, experiment with the amounts so it tastes good to you. I’d keep it in the fridge just to be safe (don’t want that nut meal going bad).

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