Unturkey the 1st

For this year’s vegan Thanksgiving we made our own Unturkey. The company that made them (Now and Zen) shut down a couple of years back and our stockpile has run out; so we had to make one. You’re probably wondering why we just didn’t switch over to the dreaded Tofurky.  We tried the Tofurkey which resembles a football more than a tasty holiday centerpiece, yuck, not something that I want to go through again! Anyhoo, back to the Unturkey. The byrd consists of four major parts: 

First: Wheat Gluten, A.K.A Seitan, wheat-meat. This makes up the  ‘meat ‘ of it. Recipe 

Second: Seasoning mix. This is what gives the byrd its great flavor and pleasant color. It also is good for gravy seasoning and general use in mock-poultry applications. Recipe

Third: Yuba, A.K.A. bean curd sheet, bean curd skin. This is that thin layer that forms on top of soy milk when it is being cooked. It is the ‘skin’ of the byrd. 

Fourth: Stuffing/Dressing. It wouldn’t be right without it! Any type you like will do.

Now for the Photos!

Unturkey Skin (Yuba) Soaking the yuba…

Unturkey Mummy Wrapped for boiling…

Constructed and Stuffed Stuffed…

Covering It It has been said that unturkey tastes even more amazing when you give it acupuncture before baking! 

Fully "skinned" Well, if you skin something that means that you’re taking the skin off, so if we put skin on would that be un-skining?

Golden Unturkey Goodness Freshly out of the BBQ.

Mmmmm... Yum! It turned out better than the store bought one!


Next year I think we’ll leave it covered for the first part of the baking and uncover it at the end, it browns quickly. For more information go  HERE.

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1 Response to Unturkey the 1st

  1. Andrew says:

    great job! it looks delicious!

    say…i remember that dalmatian!

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